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Saving Energy should be the right and obligation of everyone, rather than the privilege of the wealthy few, so let Dean Evans Plumbing & Heating install a competitvely priced Solar Hot Water System today so that you can start SAVING MONEY tomorrow.

Solar Hot Water Systems are by no means new technology but are far more advanced and improved than systems installed some 30 years ago. Solar collectors work by gathering energy radiated by the sun's powerful rays, which are then converted into heat for hot water.

We, at Dean Evans Plumbing & Heating can offer a wide range of different types of Solar Hot Water Systems including :

In-Roof Flat Plate Collector Panels - these are neatly installed into the roof structure and are the perfect choice for  new build developments or homeowners who are having major roof refurbishment completed. Installation is watertight after first fix. 

On-Roof Evacuated Tubes or Flat Plate Panels - these collectors are mounted above the slate / tile roof and is ideal for homeowners who wish to install Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water to an existing building without having to disturb too much of the roof structure. An A-Frame is also available for flat roof applications.

All of these products have a considerable impact in reducing your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. For every installation up to one tonne of CO2 emissions can be reduced per annum and in addition, you can also save on your energy bill's by getting around 50 - 70% of your Hot Water for FREE during the year with a suitably installed system. A typical Evacuated Tube or Flat Plate Solar Hot Water System can now be affordable through Dean Evans Plumbing & Heating, and V.A.T. will only be charged at 5%. Did you also know that your property will receive a higher rated Energy Performance Certificate in the Government's new Home Information Packs.

So if you are considering the installation of a Solar Hot Water System Contact Us today for a FREE site survey.

Please also take a look at some of our recent solar installations in the Gallery and our solar Hints and Tips in the F.A.Q Section

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