Water Conservation Tips


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 1  Install a water efficient shower head (about 20% of household water is used in the bathroom) to save on water and energy bills due to heating less water.

 2   Install a thermostatically controlled shower valve which will save water by delivering the required temperature instantly.

 3  Reduce your showering time - every minute you cut from your shower time saves up to nine litres of water.

 4   Update your toilet cistern to a duel flush system - ten half flushes saves enough water for a five minute shower.

 5   Check your dripping taps; changing the washers can significantly cut your water bill by hundreds of litres a year, and in the case of hot taps save energy too.

 6   Check your property for overflowing toilets and water tanks. 

 7   Have your water meter checked to make sure you are only paying for the water you are using. 

 8   Have your house's plumbing checked for leaking underground pipes you may be paying for thousands of litres of water that is soaking away into the ground.

 9   Next time you buy any appliance that uses water, make sure you check the water efficiency rating - a washing machine rated AAA or higher can save 50 litres per load, and can also be used at a lower temperature to save on energy bills.

Please feel free to Contact Us at Dean Evans Plumbing & Heating any time for free advice or an operative can examine your entire plumbing system for water wastage and leakage and recommend improvements, where necessary.

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