Heating Tips


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 1  Older type boilers waste energy; consider replacing yours with a modern condensing boiler, which converts more than 88% of fuel into heat. This could save you 30%, or around £150-£180 on your average annual heating bill.

 2  Install a timer on your heating system - it is far more cost efficient to have your boiler coming on an off when required rather than having it continuously running.

 3   Have thermostatic radiator valves fitted to all your radiators to control individual room temperatures or switch heat off completely in certain parts of your house.

 4  Make sure your heating system is equipped with a room thermostat - cutting room temperature by one degree will save 5% annually on your heating bill.

 5  Regular servicing of your boiler is vital for safety, but significantly a well maintained heating system will be more efficient and cost less to run.

 6   Make sure all your heating system's pipes are properly lagged and insulated so energy is not wasted through heat loss.

Please feel free to Contact Us at any time for free advice or an operative can check how cost  efficient your system is and recommend improvements, where necessary.



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